The human brain is a remarkable organ and is responsible for all 5+1 of our senses (i.e. sight, taste, hearing, visual, touch, and your gut (yes, your gut +1).  Research demonstrates that memories can be strengthened by stimulating neural pathways – so let’s explore how visual indicators can be used to build and strengthen memories in this remarkable organ.

We know that visual indicators in the workplace improve organization performance by bringing awareness to problems and defects as well as keeping key metrics and data visible (i.e. front and center) within operations.  What is important to the company is out in the open and can be improved upon; not buried deep within the organization where it can grow and its potential toxicity fester.

Building on this concept, we may use a visual indicator as a way to bring personal problems or issues to the surface.  Making them visible will heighten our awareness to do something positive about it.  Alternatively, a more positive approach might be to use personal visual indicators to help achieve a long-standing goal or focus on personal development opportunities.

 According to the University of Queensland Brain Institute, as our memory or neural pathways are activated, a strong synaptic connection is formed.  Quite simply, the more it is activated, the more established the neural pathway becomes.  When a thought enters our head, or for example we see a visual indicator, we recall the related experience or knowledge and our brain processes those thoughts along the “well-established neural pathways.”

This is powerful science on how the brain creates memories and why visual indicators in the workplace or our personal life play such an important role in success and achievement.  Repeated visualization of a goal or something that is meaningful will strengthen neural pathways in our brain.  That’s why corporate dashboards that are not in full display are not as effective as dashboards that are embedded on the shop floor AND have the data updated frequently.  Same is true in our personal life.  If we write out our personal goals for the year and then tuck them away in a drawer or notebook, we are not likely to achieve them – simply because we are not seeing them on a repeated basis.  

Repeated visualization of something that matters to us will help form permanent neural pathways in our brain.  That is why good visual indicators like MightyTags can be a powerful tool for us to keep important thoughts, concepts, and goals visual and literally seared into our brain.

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